Women Crafting a Better Story

A lot of NAFSI's upcycled materials are purchased from EcoEquitable

EcoEquitable's main goal is to transform— transform materials, people, situations, environments, perspectives, and the world. 

Transforming Capabilities:

Newcomer women often visit EcoEquitable with no prior sewing experience. EcoEquitable provides them with the opportunity to learn new skills and become master seamstresses; with the power to transform piles of unwanted fabric into beautiful garments. 

Transforming People:

Women come to EcoEquitable in a state of need. They may feel alone, frightened, and insecure. At EcoEquitable, a community is formed of caring, competent, and confident women who work together to craft better stories. When women are given the space to reach their full potential, their confidence and positivity begin to radiate throughout the community. When children see their mother's strength, assertiveness, and willingness to fight for the what they believe in, it motivates them to do the same in their lives.

Transforming the Environment:

In everything they do, EcoEquitable considers their environmental impact. They believe it is their duty to take care of the earth and that future generations deserve a planet that is healthy and teeming with life. That's why they reduse, reuse, and upcycle all their fabrics.

Every piece of fabric NAFSI purchases from EcoEquitable is upcycled, turning dead-stock into new, beautiful garments. 

100% of fabric proceeds support the beautiful community that make up the team at EcoEquitable. 

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