custom collaboration work

A portfolio outlining some of the custom work I've done in collaboration with other brands & corporations.

City of Ottawa

Mural for summer sun festival

Worked with a team of artists to create a sunburst and multiple carpets on downtown Ottawa's ground.

Canadian Tire

20 of Canadian Tire's first 100 NFTs

Collaborated with Canadian Tire (CT) to create 20 of their first 100 NFTs, in light of their 100th birthday. CT had a set of requirements for each set of 10, paying tribute to CT's past 100 years, and the next 100 years.

Meet The Goosadians and To 100 & Beyond.

The Goosadian

To 100 & Beyond

6-foot Canvas

This custom piece incorporated 4 characters, can you spot them?

💚 1. Monopoly man (hat, moustache, glasses): May this home be filled with success & Money
❤️ 2. Mickey Mouse (hand & oval black nose): May this home be filled with joy & laughter
💖 3. Betty Boop (eye & lips): May this home be filled with beauty
💛 4. Homer Simpson: (Homer beard & eyes) May this home be filled with chill vibes.

Pieces like these are meant to be interpreted as you see them. But it doesn’t hurt to carry beautiful meaning.

With love & color,

If you're interested in collaborating with Celine, drop a message below! Inquiries will be responded to in 1-3 business days.