Single & Double Sky Blue - Luxury 600-Thread-Count Bedsheets

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The four-piece set is crafted from the softest 600-thread-count, 100% organic Egyptian cotton. 

    Organic cotton is a safer choice for people with sensitive skin as it isn't processed with harsh chemicals, heavy metals and detergents. It is breathable, keeping you cool & comfortable throughout your sleep. 

      Enjoy a healthy, cooler sleep with NAFSI's exclusive bedsheets. 

      1 tree is planted for every item sold. 

      The four-piece set is crafted from the softest 600-thread-count, 100% organic Egyptian cotton. It includes:

      1 fitted sheet for your mattress, 1 duvet cover, 2 pillowcases, neatly packaged in 1 recycled organic cotton tote.

      The duvet is finished with coconut shell buttons, and ribbons on all inner 4 corners for a steady hold.

      This set is crafted from the highest luxury, 600 thread count, organic Egyptian cotton.

      Machine wash cold.

      We compared King Sized Sets with Top Retailers:


      600 thread-count

      Organic Egyptian Cotton Price (CAD)
      NAFSI x x 385$
      Sheet Society x 590$
      Mizu x 846$
      Bed Bath & Beyond 545$
      Kotn x 360$
      Walmart x  391$

      Nature's Finest

      For all of our sets, we only use the best. 100%, organic, long-staple, Egyptian cotton. Ethically made & sustainably sourced, Egyptian cotton is finer, softer, and stronger than any cotton in the world. There's a reason why it's known as "white gold".

      Made with absolutely 0 chemicals or added synthetics, our sheest are not dyed. Enjoy the natural color of cotton and it's ease on your skin & the planet.

      What is thread-count?

      A high thread count is an indicator of luxury sheets - but this is only true when combined with high-quality yarn, like NAFSI's.

      Thread count is a measurement of threads per square inch of fabric. The higher the thread count, the softer the feel of the bedsheets. Top-notch sheets typically have 200-500 thread count. Your luxury hotel sheets? Probably 300.

      For NAFSI's sheets, our organic Egyptian cotton is crafted in a 600-thread-count weave. Anything above 600 is usually not necessary. A density that allows silky-smooth finish & airflow - keeping them breathable all night long. This is the optimal, luxurious thread-count from the absolute best fibre, for your absolute best sleep.

      Why is good bedding so pricey?

      Because it’s a lot of high-quality fabric! There's a lot of yarn in these sets (600 threads per square inch!). And with that, comes a really high count. We're not just using any cotton- this is Egyptian cotton.

      Items like these are made to be enjoyed every single day, and are made to last a lifetime. If you do the math, you'll notice the price is extremely fair for the amount of years you'll be using it.

      Still not convinced? Check out the pricing comparison we did among top retailers.

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